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  • 執筆者の写真GIMA MISAKI 

Merci beaucoup~ Exposition N.A.C. 2019~Maison de la cultural au Japon á Paris


〜 Merci beaucoup....! Message From Bee ~ 

( P.S. Please help me translate in French and English... Misaki)


Thank you for the coming and Great help Maison de la cultural du Japon á Paris and Exposants for exsposition N.A.C.2019.

インスタレーション展示に付随し、ドキュメンタリー記録も現在進行中という、ジャンルがまだないようなアート作品のコンセプト(コンセプト+ACT=自身の造語 )が設置、警備などの件で、時に現場を困惑させ、三日目以降、会場に出入り禁止になる前代未聞の事態となり、大変ご迷惑をお掛けしました。この場を借りまして、パリ日本文化会館の職員の方々・NACの皆様方、関係者各位にお詫びを申し上げたいと思います。

We are really sorry that I and Misaki were forbidden to be in the gallery which we got misunderstanding things around our documentary concept art work in Maison de cultural du Japon á Paris. I guess that problem were maybe It is totally "New Art" which people never see it and sensible subjects about religious ( We are not belonging to any religious group.), and security reasons ( Installation Art is participating with audience, then it is becoming nosy for other exposants.) . I apologized that we made embarrassed our Art (Concept+ACT) with like a shaman with sprits which we wanted to show something real documentary recording going.


We are priparing web archaive and New exposition next April. This time is difficult for me, because still keep going documentary recording where we don't know the destination. Please keep continue to be in touch with our Artistic event.






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